National League Success for HHTC Teams!!!

June 29, 2020

National League Success for HHTC Teams!!! 

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions it has been decided by the IRTPA National League committee that this years season of National Real Tennis Leagues must come to an end. After many mathematical calculations taking into account matches, games, points and chases won along with how many matches played the following division winners have been decided: 

Divisions                         Most Valued Player                          Team Winners
Div 1/2 (0-10 handicap)     Neil Mackenzie                                 Queens 1
Div 3/4 (11-19 handicap)   Tom Bamford                                     HHTC 1
Div 5    (20-25 handicap)   Matt Potter                                        Seacourt 1
Div 6    (25-30 handicap)   Ivo MacDonald                                  HHTC 2
Div 7    (30-35 handicap)   Nick Brodie                                      HHTC 3
Div 8    (35-40 handicap)   Max Trueman                                    Seacourt 2 
Div 9    (40-45 handicap)   Mark Gilespie                                    MURTC 2

A huge congratulations to the Hatfield teams with 3 out of 4 winning their divisions and the club taking the most silverware in the country! Nick Brodie also managed to be the highest ranked player in his division and will receive a IRTPA racket as his reward to show off when his is next on court.

HHTC 1 - James Law, Ged Parsons - Div 3/4 Winners
HHTC 2 - Martin Richards, Josh King, Nick LLoyd, Mark Devonald-Smith, Simon Heck - Div 6 Winners
HHTC 3 - Nick Brodie, Mark Rayner, Jonathan Fisher, Steve Brewerton, John Savage, 
HHTC 4 - Joe Thompson, Hugh Pemberton, Andrew James, Chris Handley, Andrew Todd, David Hudson, Div 8 - 5th place

This success says a lot about how competitive and active our membership is both on our own court and away and we cannot wait to get on court with you all again very soon and push on further!


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