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The Billy Ross Skinner - Mixed Doubles Invitational 2018

Hatfield hosted the very successful Billy Ross Skinner Invitational Mixed Doubles tournament over the weekend and as always it was a hugely entertaining event with close matches from start to finish! The eventual winners were travelling Dutchman Paul Bollerman and his partner Katie Leppard who beat Hatfield member Georgie Willis and her partner Simon Flynn in an amazing final 1/6 6/5 6/3. Unfortunately having led 6/1 5/1 Georgie and Simon were then not able to win another game in a hugely entertaining match played at a very high standard.

Massive thanks to Liz Fisher and her team of Stewards for all their efforts over the weekend, particularly James Barlow who was here for all 3 days and Jackie Sherman who made 2 out the 3. Extra thanks to Liz for a delicious lunch on the last day too!!

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