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The Hatfield Hurricane 2017

The first weekend in December saw Hatfield's 3rd year of its newest tournament; The Hatfield Hurricane!

Attended by 18 competitors in a doubles round robin format players attended the tournament meal on the Friday where pairings were drawn out of the hat, odds were attained and bets were made on the most likely victors.

Unique to the Hurricane each player also got to draw out of the hat a player from the opposing group who they "owned" for the tournament. If this player happened to make the final or even won on the day a cash prize was up for grabs. This created a great atmosphere in the dedans with players cheering on their backed competitor.

Play commenced on Saturday morning from 9am through to 7pm with each group match consisting of one set first to 6 games or 20 minutes on the clock with the top two pairs from each group making it through to the semi finals.

Stephen Brewerton kept the competitors fully energised and hydrated throughout the day with a hot croissant breakfast followed by delicious home made chilli and some mulled wine that gave many players some much needed dutch courage at the business end of the tournament.

Hurricane 2017 Finalists
Hurricane 2017 Winners

The eventual winners were Alex Brodie and Jacqueline Sherman who managed to clench victory over Stuart Rose and Steve Sullivan 6/4 in the final, having failed to win a point in the first 2 games! This was an incredibly tight final all the way but in the end it was the consistency and control of Jackie and the athleticism, quality of shot and at times sheer brutality of Alex that won the day!

Thankyou to everyone who participated in this years tournament and we hope you see you all and many more in next years event!

HHTC Pros (James and Jon).

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