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Swiss Singles Winners 2023

The Swiss Singles consists of each player playing 4 best of 3 set handicap singles matches over the summer months from a group of 16 players of similar standard.

The 1st round is a random draw with winners go into the top section and losers into bottom. In round 2 players will play a new opponent drawn from their section. This repeats in round 3 and 4 with everyone completing 4 matches.

At the end of the event players will receive an overall ranking 1-16 based on their performance throughout the tournament. (for example 4/4 wins = 1st place ranking).

This Year we had some fantastic matches over the summer months with 64 players entered!

Here are the result of the 4 Division finals:

A Grade - Andrew Clowes beat Richard Ramjane 6/2 6/2

B Grade - James Barlow beat John Tacchi 6/2 6/0

C Grade - John Pittalis beat Sarah Sullivan 3/6 6/3 6/5

D Grade - Maxi Ansell beat Ben Caven-Roberts 6/1 6/4


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