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Summer League Final 2018

Congratulations to Bob Aley & William John Richard Whitehead who were victorious today in the long awaited final of the HHTC Summer League Tournament overcoming Mark Rayner and David Barnes 2 matches to 1!

Both Bob and William managed to win their singles matches displaying some fine tennis against two tough opponents who tried everything to overcome the large handicap restraints but without success.

The Doubles Match went all the way to 7 all 40 all with Mark and David doingjust enough to stop the whitewash and stealing the deciding point. This was a really tight contest with all 4 players on top form, retrieving some fantastic balls out the corners and hitting their targets when it mattered to force the one point shoot out.

Well done to both pairs involved in making it all the way to the final after battling it out over the summer months with the rest of the field. We look forward to seeing you all competing next year in this fun team event!

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