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Last night HHTC hosted its first on court wine tasting event provided by Majestic Wine from St Albans. Attended by 26 members the night was a great success. Members tried a variety of reds and whites provided by Majestic in the hunt for a wine that could be worthy of HHTC calling its own. Members also had the opportunity to place an order direct from Majestic for their own personal use which had a good uptake with their wine cellars are now at full capacity.

A big thankyou to Neil and Henry for their insight and expertise’s on the night providing us with a good selection of wines to choose from. Also to HHTC chairman Steve Brewerton for his efforts in organising the event and providing much needed food to complement the wine.

We hope to have a selection of club wines provided by Majestic in the very near future for you all to try that will no doubt improve many of your handicaps.

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